CashSilk Cotton Degradé by Laines du NORD

The luxury of cashmere, merino, & silk blends together to create an elegant, soft, & sheer lightweight yarn. The delicate halo effect will wrap you in cloud-like comfort while keeping you warm. It is versatile and can also be knit on larger needles for a quick, airy project!

CashSilk Cotton Degradé
55% Merino Wool, 22% Silk, 13% Cotton, 10% Cashmere
Country of origin: Italy
50 grams per 317 yards
Super Fine weight yarn
Suggested Knit on US 3 to 8
Knits to 27 stitches over 4in
Suggested Crochet with HOOK D3 to H8
Single crochet 21-32 stitches per 4in