Hot Springs Fiber Co One Year in Business Celebration Prizes Page

We are giving away so much stuff!! Here is how you enter to win!

Each day requires an entry either in person or by email. To enter in person, sign the guest book with your name and email and whether you prefer to knit or crochet or are in love with both. That enters you for that day. 

To enter by email, simply send a NEW email to (do not click reply or the email will get lost). In the email state you are entering for that day and whether you prefer to knit or crochet or are in love with both. Each day requires a new entry and the entry MUST be dated for that day to count toward that day's drawing.

You MUST enter each day to be eligible for that day’s prizes and if entering by email it MUST be a new email, not a reply to an old one. Again, send entry to

Every entry also counts as an entry into the grand prize drawings. Grand Prizes to be announced shortly!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to see the list of prizes and winners for our event that runs Tuesday July 18th through Saturday July 29th. 

Store Hours
Tuesday 18th from 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday 19th from 9AM to 6PM
Thursday 20th From 9AM to 8PM
Friday 21st from 9AM to 6PM
Saturday 22nd from 9AM to 6PM
Sunday 23rd 10AM to 3PM
Monday 24th from 9AM to 6PM
Tuesday 25th from 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday 26th from 9AM to 6PM
Thursday 27th from 9AM to 8PM
Friday 28th from 9AM to 6PM
Saturday 29th from 9AM to 6PM

Make - And - Take Schedule classes every day except Sunday run from 10AM to 3PM. Build your kit and make it on site or take it home.

Tuesday 18th Pumpkins
Wednesday 19th Mini Stockings
Thursday 20th Color Work Cup Cozie
Friday 21st Hat and Scarf Bottle Topper
Saturday 22nd Mini Sweater ornament
Sunday 23rd Customer choice (take only, no class)
Monday 24th Color work Cozie
Tuesday 25th Mini Stocking
Wednesday 26th Mini Sweater Ornament
Thursday 27th Bottle Topper
Friday 28th Mini Sweater
Saturday 29th No Class, Cupcakes for all (First 40 people)

Almost everything will be on sale!! This includes Knitter's Pride Mindful Needles at 40% Off, Lykke Indigo Circular Needles, Lykke Driftwood Circular Needles, Lykke Indigo HooksLykke Driftwood HooksLykke Blush Hooks, Lykke Indigo DPNsLykke Driftwood DPNsLykke Blush DPNs and Lykke Accessories at 20% Off. Brittany Crochet Hooks are 20% off. Chiaogoo Knit Reds and Lace are 10% Off. 

Come see over 30 finished Models from our Trunk Show offered in Noro Yarns, Juniper Moon Farms and Queensland. 

   Sign up for the Blanket of Knowledge subscription in the month of July and get your 7th Month free.

Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus Solids 10% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus Rainbow 10% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus Degrade10% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Herriot 20% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Cirrus 20% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Cirrus Rainbow 20% Off
Juniper Moon Farms Patagonia 20%
Berroco Vivo 50%
Berrco Tiramisu 40%
Berroco Medina 40%
Berroco Remix 30%
Berroco Gaia 30%
Berroco Pima Soft 40%
Berroco Vintage 30%
Berroco Isola 20%
Berroco Lumi 20%
LANG Linello 20%

LANG Celeste 30%
LANG Karma 20%
LANG Paradise 20%
LANG Frida 20%
Lanna Goto Lux 30%
Lanna Goto Peillettes 30%
Queensland Myrtle 10%
Queensland Kathmandu 100 DK 25%
Queensland Kathmandu Fingering 25%
Queensland Perth 20%
Mirasol Wink 20% Off
Mirasol Inka 20%
Mirasol Nuna 30%
Gedifa Lana Mia Cotone 30%
Gedifa Kid Suri 20%
Louisa Harding Amitola 30%
Louisa Harding Giardino 20%
Louisa Harding Caraz 20%
Jody Long Alpamayo 30%
Jody Long My Little Sunshine 30%
Lanes Du Nord Baby Soft 10%
Lanes Du Nord Paint Sock 20%
Lanes Du Nord Watercolor Sock 20%
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool 30%

Come see over 30 finished Models from our Trunk Show offered in Noro Yarns, Juniper Moon Farms and Queensland. 

Tuesday July 18th Winners
Wednesday July 19th Winners
hursday July 20th Winners