Deception Pass Cape Knit Pattern

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Pattern Facts

This cape is worked on the edge using short rows to achieve the swooping shape. It is worked flat.


The cape in the photos was made with a HSFC Master fade set of LusterWool. 35% Bamboo and 65% Superfine, Superwash Merino. Each Mini skein is 10 grams and has 50 yards. You my choose to repeat the section more than 25 times to increase the cape size.


The finished piece measures as follows:

From neck to edge of cast on row (front tail) is 29”

From neck to bottom corner as it hangs when worn is 17”

Around neck is 31”


In January 2022 I had the pleasure of visiting my oldest daughter (Allison age 32) who lives in Seattle Washington. During my visit we decided to explore the state park called Deception Pass. Deception Pass is located on the upper tip of Whidbey Island north and west of Seattle.

Deception Pass has two large iron bridges that stand tall over the coastal waters allowing you access to Pass Island. While there, I stood on the tall bridge looming far above the water and watched as the tides came in and strangely enough, from the bridge, it appears the water literally changes directions in it’s swirl on the rocks below.

Feeling the inspiration of the name Deception Pass, and how the water appeared to be deceivingly swirling in ways that did not seem logically possible, I designed the Cape called Deception Pass. When you look closely at this knitted piece you will see it is made up of 25 different shades died in what we call a master fade set. These colors closely resemble the colors of the water and the steel bridge above it. The colors swirl to the left, however the pattern swirls to the right. The slight texture is a simple yarn over combination that creates the illusion of a small cable emulating the ripples of the water as it crashes over the rocks then drains away.