Prym Ergonomics 6" Double Point, Carbon Technology, 5 Count Knitting Needles, Black

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  • Classic, black double-pointed knitting needles made through unique carbon technology
  • Sturdy, yet light and flexible with a smooth surface
  • Teardrop shaped tips with a triangular shaft

Classic, black and exceptional: the innovative prym.ergonomics double-pointed knitting needles 'Carbon Technology' are the result of unique knitting needle production technology. The sturdy, yet flexible and light material enhances your knitting experience. They are somewhat stiffer and firmer to work with than the white prym.ergonomics knitting needles. This is especially useful for knitters, who want to produce a tight stitch structure. The shaft's surface is very smooth and its shape changes from round to triangular to allow the stitches to glide freely. The teardrop tips make it easier to pick up and guide the yarn so that it does not slide so quickly from the tip.