Ragland Club Sweater Class First class Friday March 24th from 1-4PM

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Join us Every Friday (or not) to master the art of making the perfect custom Ragland Sweater. Your first class is what you are signing up for here. You can start your sweater any Friday after March 24th. 

In this class we will do all of the math together to determin what size you want to make with what yarn. The amount of yarn and needle size will also be determined in this class. 

Each class after has a $5 entry fee and is designed to be a "Knit at your own pace" project. You will recieve step by step help to guide you through the entire journey of acomplishing your first top down Ragland sweater. Class meets every Friday so if it takes time to get you done, that is fine. If you are not available or don't need the help, you don't pay. 

I can't wait to see what everyone makes!