Tunisian Croceht Crossbody Handbag

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About the Bag

Tunisian Crochet


This bag was designed with the beginner in mind. It is mostly comprised of the basic Tunisian stitch with an added ruffle for character. The shoulder strap is also the side gusset. You can choose to make the strap fit as a shoulder bag. The model is made as a crossbody bag for ease of use and comfort. Instructions on how to measure are included when we get to the strap.





Stitch per Inch


Two kinds of yarn

Make it your own



The body of the bag measures 12 inches across and 9 1/2 inches from top to bottom with a 6 ½ inch flap and a 4 ½ side gusset.  The shoulder strap will be determined by you.


The body of the bag has 9 sts and 8 rows in 2 inches not including the ruffle row.


The Gusset / Shoulder strap has 11 sts ad 10 rows in 2 inches.

This pattern used ALL of 1 ball of Akari by Noro color #4 and a hank of Sonata by Noro Color #22 You Need a size J (6.0 mm) Afghan Crochet hook with a cable at least 12 inches long. You will also need a size G (4.00 mm) with a straight handle or short cable. 8 to 12 Safety pin style markers.