Reque by Mirasol

REQUE, which means "attractive" in the Quechuan language of Peru, is an aptly named sportweight yarn spun from a luxurious blend of 100% mulesing-free merino wool and mohair. While Reque feels soft & bouncy in the hand, the mohair gives it a unique sheen on the surface, bringing the colors to life before your eyes! This is a workhorse yarn suitable for all sorts of projects from sweaters to accessories.

60% Merino Wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Tencel
75 grams per 128 yards

Light weight yarn
Suggested Knit on US 5 to 7
Knits to 21-24 stitches over 4in
Suggested Crochet HOOK F5 to 7
Single crochet 12-17 stitches per 4in