Blanket of Knowledge for August 2023

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Welcome! This is where we post everything about the 2023 Blanket of knowledge for August. 

Each month you can show us your progress, see other's progress, make note of special events and find pattern errata.

You will also find bunus information such as links to helpful stitch videos and other social media pertaining to this months design. 

So sit back, read the contributions and make some of your own. We are happy to have you in the Blanket of Knowledge family!

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  • Looking forward to using this space to see how others are progressing and communicate about this years amazing Blanket of Knowledge!!!

    Evelyn O. on

    We have two corrections on the corchet pattern.
    First, the initial chain count for the blakent size chart is incorrect. Please refer to the copy of the pattern you recieved via email for the corrected chart. It will also be posted on the Ravelry Blog.

    Second, on the first page of instructions, just before section 1, this sentence was added: At the end of the foundation row, CH2, turn.
    This has been corrected in the email version of the pattern but was printed incorrectly on the pattern included in the boxes.

    Tracie Anderson on
  • Still working on how to upload photos to this blog and making a Ravelry page so we can see each other progress. Check back often

    Tracie Anderson on

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